WIP Carts

Custom Work In Progress Carts to Improve Production Flow

A challenge in the manufacturing process is both production flow and protecting parts and components from damage as they travel from one production process to another. Most mobile carts can work for light work but are generally not designed for heavy, large, or fragile parts. Another benefit of wip carts is that they can be manufactured to orient the parts on the rack for the next production step both ensuring accuracy and improving productivity by eliminating the time and possible errors in having to take time to orient the part to begin the next phase of production.

What are WIP Racks & Carts?

WIP Carts or “Work in Progress Carts” are purpose built to accommodate the production process and the part or materials being transported. WIP Carts can easily improve the efficiency and productivity of a manufacturing process because it reduces or eliminates the problems associated with traditional methods of moving parts through a process.
For over 27 years NSMC has been designing and delivering custom carts and WIP racks for glass manufacturers across the country. Their success and quality evolved into additional products and our custom fabrication company started building more material handling solutions for a wider and wider range of industries. Although the companies and their products are all different, the need for improving production flow and protecting parts through the manufacturing process remain the same goal.

Custom Carts Manufactured to Your Requirements

NSMC provides custom manufacturing of WIP carts to your specifications and has the workforce, state of the art equipment, and years of experience to deliver quality carts to improve production. If you need assistance with engineering and design, NSMC has established a long-term relationship with a leading Cart and Rack design agency. Together we will identify not only the basic dimensions and features but an understanding of how your process works, and the parts being moved. From that in-depth information gathering the designers can create a WIP cart design that integrates with your production and improves your performance. NSMC will then work to build the jigs and assemblies from that design and fabricate and finish the product and deliver it on time.
Your production process is unique and with all the impact a WIP cart provides it only makes sense to have one manufactured to meet your unique application requirements over using an inferior cart that may create more problems than improvements.

Multipurpose Functions

WIP Carts can work beyond the production floor and can offer a secure way to ship between plants or even used as a reusable shipping cart or as a kitting cart. WIP Carts are also used with companies engaged with lean manufacturing and other lean initiatives because the organize and control the product so that it smoothly transitions from one workstation to another.


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The NSMC Advantage

NSMC offers several unique value-added benefits to all our customers. We combine state of the art metal fabrication equipment, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, years of experience and quality certification to deliver world class shipping racks, wire baskets and carts. This also allows us to provide contract metal fabrication service to many manufacturers, and are able to meet customer needs in a variety of ways and eliminate the need for multiple metal fabrication companies.

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NSMC specializes in contract metal fabrication and manufacturing material handling racks and containers. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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