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A-frame glass racks are purpose built steel racks designed to hold and transport large, flat sheets of glass safely and efficiently. Our racks utilize two steel upright beams forming the main "A" frame, welded to a steel crossbar at the top for stability. The resulting triangular design allows for usable space on both sides of the rack, maximizing storage capacity. 

NSMC has been supplying A-frame racks to the glass industry for over 18 years. We offer custom designs and fabricated racks with optional additional supports within the frame to hold the glass sheets upright and prevent them from tipping or sliding. We offer several options for padding or dunnage on the supports to protect the glass from scratches. We can fabricate your rack to be a stationary unit, forklift accessible, or mobile with the addition of heavy duty castors.

We also offer L-Buck Style Glass Racks (Click Here) 

A-Frame Rack Advantages

Double-sided loading:
A-frames provide a triangular structure with usable space on both sides. This allows you to store or transport twice the amount of glass compared to an L-buck with the same footprint.

Improved visibility:
Since A-frames are open on both sides, you can easily see all the glass sheets stored within the rack. This can be helpful for inventory purposes and selecting specific sheets.

Quality Materials & Construction

As with all of the racks we manufacture, our focus is on repeatable quality. It begins by meeting with you to discuss the design, application, and work environment. We can build to your prints, or we can have our designers create a complete set of prints and specs based on your requirements. We also review all prints prior to production to validate performance and ways to reduce time and costs without compromising the strength or quality of the rack. 

 Once approved, we source all the materials for your project, including the steel and dunnage, through one of our long term supply chain partners. We fabricate your unit with several fabrication methods. Because these racks need to be able to handle heavy weight capacities, we only use full seam welding joints, not stitched welded joints for durability and safety. 

Our quality assurance program monitors and inspects our products through every manufacturing stage to check for any issues. Finally, our units are either painted or powder coated in your choice of color and can even stencil your name, department or id on every rack.

Considerations in Selecting
a Rack & Vendor

Weight capacity:
This is crucial. A-frames have a weight limit and overloading them can be dangerous and damage the glass or the rack itself. (SEE OUR CASE STUDY BELOW) Choose a rack with a capacity that exceeds the weight of the heaviest glass sheets you plan to store or transport.

Glass size:
A-frame racks come in the size you require. We review your 3D CAD prints to ensure the rack you select has enough height and depth to accommodate your glass sheets comfortably. There should be enough space for the glass to rest on the supports without overhanging.

Material and construction:
Our A-frames are made of steel not aluminum. Steel is more durable and heavier, while aluminum construction is lighter but may not be suitable for very heavy glass. Consider the trade-off between weight and sturdiness based on your needs. Look for a rack with a strong and stable construction, with full seam welds not stitch welds for maximum strength

Dunnage & Padding:
Proper padding is essential to protect the glass from scratches and damage during storage and transport. We offer A-frames with padding on all the surfaces that the glass will come in contact with. Material options include Soft Rubber pads, HDPE & UHMW, and Urethane pads.

If you plan on moving the rack around frequently, consider getting one with wheels. NSMC will help you select the right wheels that are large enough to handle the weight of the loaded rack and have locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted movement. 

 While cost is always a factor, prioritizing durability, safety, and efficiency will ultimately lead to reduced downtime, improved productivity, and a safer work environment, justifying the initial investment.

Glass Industry Case Study

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The NSMC Advantage

NSMC has been supplying glass transport racks and glass storage racks for the majority of the float glass manufacturers since 1994. Our years of experience and quality fabrication process enable us to delivery quality consistently and repeatedly along with on-time delivery and customer service.


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