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In today’s industrial environment, companies are faced with the challenge of supply chain management, reducing waste, and improving productivity and profits. What can a company do when they realize that part of the manufacturing process is too labor intensive or no longer cost effective to produce but there is still a strong need for the part. Sometimes a part may require time intensive change out of tooling disrupt lead time or require additional labor for an item that may only be needed periodically.

Sourcing as a Solution

Many companies and OEMs are turning to contract manufacturing services to source some of their production needs because it is often more cost effective to have another company produce parts or components then to do them internally. By reviewing and understanding the tolerances, dimensions, and quality checks, NSMC can replicate the manufacturing process to meet the demands of the manufacturer while maintaining the consistency and quality of the parts made. Further understanding of inventory needs and delivery dates can be accomplished through a lean manufacturing process that ensures the metal parts are produced on time and to the level of quality needed. Usually this can be accomplished for a more efficiently and reduced costs then the manufacturer can produce the part.

For over 27 years NSMC has served manufacturers and OEMs with world class custom returnable shipping racks, containers, wire baskets and carts. Because our customers were pleased with our quality and fabrication, many companies started to ask to additional items to be made to support their production needs for metal products. Because we have an extensive range of heavy metal fabrication equipment (needed for producing racks and carts) we have the capacity and experience to take on additional production work from other companies. We can produce their parts and components to their specifications and schedules through our implementation of lean manufacturing principals as well as our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

This results in a “win win” situation for both companies, the parts can efficiently be produced with reducing quality or delivery time and provide a more cost-effective solution to the manufacturer’s productivity and inventory needs.

Contract Metal Fabrication Services

Because of our core business manufacturing racks, carts and baskets we have the raw materials, the equipment, the skilled workforce and the expertise in sheet metal fabrication to produce a wide variety of parts and components for other companies.

Production Welding:

NSMC works with several vetter manufacturing partners to assure consistant quality and manufacturing production. With a bevy of reliable welders, NSMC coordinates work cells to meet demand and shipping requirements. These cells meet efficiency and productivity goals.

Metal Cutting & Laser Cutting:

NSMC has access to a wide range of equipment to cut metal depending on the specifications of the part. Our high-speed precision laser and plasma cutting machines allow us to cut your metal accurately and quickly and we have metal shearing and sawing equipment for other metal cutting processes.

CNC Machining :

We can provide a full service machine shop and use a variety of CNC machining tools and workstations to handle precision and production machining from milling and turning to sawing.

Metal Finishing:

We provide high quality, complete turn-key processes like metal finishing. From surface grinding all the way through to painting and powder coating and offer stenciling for traceability.

Contract Metal Fabrication Clients:

We are currently an approved vendor for John Deere, and we are doing work for JOHN DEERE Harvester, John Deere Seeding and John Deere Cylinder. We also are an approved vendor for Caterpillar, Case New Holland, Chrysler, Honda, McLaughlin Body Company and The US Government. We are looking forward to an opportunity to become a supplier to you as well.

Certifications & Registrations:

CCR Registered
ORCA Registered
JCP Registered
FedTeds Registered
Certified ISO 9001-2015DUNS #103953204

NAICS Codes:

332116, 332313, 332322, 332439, 332510, 332710, 332721, 321920, 332992, 332993, 332994, 332995, 332999, 811121, 325510, 332812, 336992, 336399

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The NSMC Advantage

NSMC offers several unique value-added benefits to all our customers. We combine state of the art metal fabrication equipment, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, years of experience and quality certification to deliver world class shipping racks, wire baskets and carts. This also allows us to provide contract metal fabrication service to many manufacturers, and are able to meet customer needs in a variety of ways and eliminate the need for multiple metal fabrication companies.

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NSMC specializes in contract metal fabrication and manufacturing material handling racks and containers. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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