Automotive Bag Racks

Bag Racks That Expand at the Touch of a Button

In the automotive manufacturing industry, many companies use bag racks to store and transport car parts during manufacturing. These racks have soft pouches that separate and protect parts from coming in contact with each other thus protecting the parts from damage. They also help improve the loading and unloading of parts. 

These bag racks are also used across many other industries where manufacturers need to store and transport parts without damage. A typical bag rack consists of four corner posts and horizontal steel side bars that create a frame. Inside the frame, a matrix of soft material pockets or pouches cradle the part or component. These racks usually have a curtain to close up the opening to secure the part inside the pouch.

Imagine A Rack That Can Expand with Your Demands

The biggest issue with bag racks is the available capacity, once they fill up you need another rack to handle increased part storage. What if there was a bag rack that could expand for additional storage but collapse back to normal when demand decreases. Now what if this expandable bag rack could increase its capacity with the simple touch of a button?

Introducing the First One Touch Expanding Bag Rack

Announcing the RZR Rack! This patented innovative rack expands vertically at the touch of one button. In fact, one rack can be expanded to provide an additional 60% rack storage density while maintaining the same size footprint. It is customizable to suit your specific application needs and can increase usable floor space and make loading and unloading faster and easier.

ESD and Class A Fire-retardant Materials are available for the cells in a variety of colors. Made in the USA - Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship - contact su for more details. 

These racks are not only great for your warehouse but can also be used in box trucks, increasing its efficiency and practicality. 

RZR Rack Features & Benefits

These revolutionary bags racks offer so much more than just additional storage space. We have compiled a list below for your consideration.

  • Up to 40% floor space savings & reduction in rack requirements
  • Up to 60% increase in rack storage density
  • Ideal for space-constrained environments
  • Increase workplace efficiency & productivity
  • Reduces material handling time
  • More parts to the line
  • Cubes out a box truck or semi-trailer at max height
  • Reduction in transportation costs

Protect Your Metal Parts from Rust with RST Foam

Manufacturers understand the importance of protecting your products against rust which can cause costly damage, resulting in production slowdowns and shutdowns. Until now, many used RP Oils and Grease which can be hazardous if not just messy, VCI paper and poly applications require every part be coated which can be labor intensive.

RST Foam simplifies the process by adding our special formula of rust-preventing VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) to the foam. In the presence of metal, the VCI releases vapors that attach to the surface of the metal to create a blanket of protection that blocks moisture and other corrosive elements without the mess or complexity of traditional methods.

Have Questions? Talk With an Expert.

NSMC is your authorized resource for RSR Racks and would like to discuss your needs and see if this innovative system would benefit your company.

Vertical Expanding Bag Rack

RZR Rack Info-Graphic

Expandable Bag Rack


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