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Glass Transport Racks

We supply the glass industry with A-Frame and L-Buck glass transportation and storage racks. Featuring a rigid steel frame and custom dunnage to secure and protect sheet glass.

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Portable Stack Rack

Our stack racks maximize your floor space by allowing for vertical storage. The racks can be stacked one on top of another, as they do not require anchoring to the ground.

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Design Your Own Rack

No Design, No Prints, No Problem! We can help you create your own customized steel rack to your specs online, saving you time and money without giving up customization.

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Industrial Rack Design

Have Existing Prints? No Prints? No Problem We can help you determine the correct specifications and then design a rack solution that meets all of your requirements.

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Industrial Wire Baskets

Our baskets are made from high-quality steel wire, and steel frame for heavy-duty shipping and storage. Perfect for harsh environments and rough handling without losing their structural integrity and are stackable.

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Pallet Stcking Frames

Our pallet frames convert wooden pallets into a secure modular stacking rack system that maximizes storage space by utilizing vertical storage space by stacking up to 4 units. 2000 and 3000 lbs. capacity.

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Work In Progress Carts

NSMC can improve your material handling and production flow with a custom work in progress cart designed to your requirements that will greatly improve your efficiency and keep employees healthy.

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Automotive Bag Rack with Dunnage

Normal bag racks store materials, like automotive parts or industrial parts. Our custom dunnage bag racks not only create secure pockets but the high height is adjustable and flexible to adapt to your storage needs.

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Why Our Stacking Racks are Better Than
Other Metal Storage Racks

NSMC designs and manufactures storage solutions for commercial and industrial companies that need quality custom portable warehouse racking to store and transport products, parts, and components safely and securely to mitigate the risk of damage while being stored or transported. 

 Our cost effective stack racks offer better utilization of your warehouse floor space by using vertical space rather than horizontal space. Our stack racks are designed to withstand heavy loads using quality steel posts and heavy duty welding and fabrication methods enabling our racks to be safely stacked without compromising the rack structure or load capacity. Our racks make it easy to store and transport goods while increasing your usable floor space.

We specialize in stackable racks and wire baskets with over 18 years’ experience designing and building them for manufacturers and OEMs across a wide range of industries that play a wide range of applications from automotive industry for storing parts to stack rack applications for warehouses and distribution centers. We offer exceptional project managment and customer service in addition to helping you get quality custom racks at affordable prices and quick delivery time without a hassle.
Our custom stack racks are highly versatile and can be built using your drawings, designing your own online or using our rack design service to best meet your needs.

 Custom vs. Stock Items 

Custom Fabricated Racks, Containers, Wire Baskets, and Carts offer benefits that far outweigh generic  stock supply  units because they are designed for your manufacturing facility and your workflow. They play a crucial role in  protecting your products and employees. They are designed for heavy duty applications, and suitable for outdoor use and storage and transportation stack racks. Additionally stack racks application  help you better utilize valuable floor space our containers and racks offer a better long term ROI than off the shelf units.

Why Choose NSMC?

Consistant  Quality - Project Communication
& On Time Delivery... Everytime

We asked our long term customers why they chose NSMC as their vendor and why they continue to select us for all their custom made racks, containers, baskets and WIP carts again and again. Most agree that we offer a higher quality product repeatedly and were able to accommodate their custom specifications on time and at a competitive price.

 They went on to explain the value they get beyond price and quality; they appreciate our project management at every step of their order including proactive communications keeping them up to date without them having to track down someone to ask. They like how we review their prints and offer suggestions on how to improve or reduce manufacturing costs for them. They are happy with our quality inspection process, our production scheduling, and of course our record for on time delivery. They also likes our customer service and feel that we are easy to work with and can rely on us for any project and that we treat them well from order to delivery.

Custom Solutions Without Higher Costs & Delays

We understand that many companies feel custom means added costs and extended delivery times, that is why we have created a better order/manufacturing system that ensures quality solutions without high costs or lengthy turnaround times. We also understand that Customer service and good project management mean no surprises and realistic expectations for our customers.

We have implemented manufacturing and production software to help us better schedule customer projects and eliminate bottlenecks. Our long term partnerships result in bulk order discounts and improved supply chain management and our commitment to continuous improvement like lean six sigma help us reduce waste and improve productivity and quality.

Metal Fabrication Capabilities & Services 

One of the key differences is that we are a contract metal fabricator who offers complete custom metal fabrication. Our main business is designing and fabricating racks, carts, and baskets, but we also fill our capacity by providing an entire suite of fabrication services to our clients offering the same level of quality, communication and turnaround time we offer with our core products.

Discover Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities

18 Years of Industry Experience

For over 18 years we have been providing material handling solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. This experience has enabled us to know what challenges a company may have and how to manufacture a rack, container, cart, or basket that will exceed their requirements. Our only focus is on designing, building, and delivering heavy duty solutions to our customers. That is why so many OEMs and manufacturers continue to choose us time and time again for custom shipping racks and containers. 

Industries We Serve: 

- Glass Manufacturing  

- Heavy Equipment Manufacturers  

- Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers  

- Warehouse Facilities

- Tire Manufacturers and Distributors   

- Military & Government  

- Automotive Manufacturers

- Chemical Industry -

- Rubber Manufacturing & Processing

  Quality Materials and WorkmanshipQuality Materials and Workmanship

Industrial Wire Baskets

Industrial Wire Racks

We also are known for our custom industrial wire baskets because of their strength, durability and use for many common applications from large parts to foundry castings, to delicate perishable items. Our baskets are stronger and more durable than most collapsible wire baskets, and their added strength means they can be stacked just like our stack racks freeling up more usable floor space. By adding in custom dunnage you can create heavy duty bage racks or dividers for even more applications.

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