Portable Stack Racks

Need More Space? Need to Change the Layout Frequently ?

Do you need more space to store parts or better organize your warehouse area? 

Maybe you should consider a vertical storage solution.

Portable stack racks are steel storage racks designed for flexible storage applications that offer offer incredible strength and can be stacked on top of each other, creating multiple storage levels within the same floor footprint. Standard racking systems are typically single-level units that occupy a fixed amount of horizontal space. 

Do you need to reconfigure your storage area frequently? Our stacking racks make layout changes and configuration easy and quickly without any tools. Another benefits is that these racks typically require less aisle space allowing for more efficient use of your floor plan.

What Advantages Our Racks Offer

NSMC understands our customers need custom stack racks that offer specific dimensions, load capacity, durability, and heavy duty strength to store or ship parts and products securely and safely and to keep their employees safe. Being stackable up to 5 units high, our racks are fabricated to withstand heavy loads without collapsing or bowing over time. Here are just some of the reasons companies chose our custom racks over other racking systems or standard stock racks.

Affordable Custom Solutions

We focus on the companies that require customization of racks to best meet their specific needs or requirements. We can build to print from your specs, enable you to build your own rack online as well as offering 3D CAD rack design services. Many companies shy away from “custom” believing it will cost more and require longer delivery times. To help stay competitive we instituded lean manufacturing and 6 sigma methodologies and supply chain inventory management reduce costs and enhance production processes. We strive to offer custom racks at reasonable prices and fast delivery times. Contact us for a quote and see!

Quality Materials & Fabrication

We understand our racks need to be strong, durable, and reliable which is why we chose quality materials and proven fabrication methods to ensure safety and quality. We use 1 ½” Square Tube for our 2000 Lbs. capacity rack posts and 2 ½” square steel tube for our 4000 Lbs. capacity rack posts to ensure solid construction.

Why We Don’t Offer Collapsible Racks

We don’t offer collapsable racks for two simple reasons: strength and safety. Our customers require racks that can handle very heavy loads that can be stacked. While the collapsable units are suitable for lighter weights because they are not quite as strong as steel post stack racks due to the mechanics involved in making them collapsible.

Strength & Durability

  • We only use heavy gauge steel in our frames and different thicknesses for different load capacities.
  • We use full seam welded connection points because stitch welding or hinges can be potential weak spots compared to a welded joint in a permanent steel post rack.
  • We offer painted finishes but recommend powder coating for better durability and impact resistance and offer a wide range of colors as well as custom colors as required by the customer.
  • We offer two sets of specifications, one for our 2000 Lbs. racks and one for our 4000 Lbs. capacity racks. We can offer even higher capacity on special custom orders, please contact us for more information.

Project Management & Customer Service

What good are a few pennies saved if the process is a hassle, causes disruptions, and creates more work for you? One of our biggest advantages is our commitment to project management and customer service, simply stated we pro-actively communicate with you before an issues arises and return calls and emails promptly making the procurement process easy and hassle-free.

18+ Years of Industry Experience

For over 18 years, NSMC have been supplying manufacturers and distributors with racks for a wide range of applications and a broad spectrum of industries. We have earned a solid reputation for our quality, flexibility, and competitive pricing combined with our exceptional customer service and record of on time deliveries, which we believe is why so many companies buy again and again from us year after year.



End & Side Frames

  • Frames prevent shifting of the product especially cylindrical items like tubes or rolls.
  • Helps reduce damage to fragile items.
  • Facilitates inventory with easier visual identification and containment of specified quantities.

Industrial Manufacturing of Steel Stack Racks & End Side Frames


Dimensions & Capacities

Base Frames: Four Way Entry is Standard on All Models

    2000 lb. Capacity 4000 lb. Capacity
Width Length Model # WT/lbs. Model # WT/lbs.
36 42 3642-2 44 3642-4 59
36 48 3648-2 50 3648-4 68
36 54 3654-2 56 3654-4 76
36 60 3660-2 62 3660-4 85
42 42 4242-2 55 4242-4 74
42 48 4248-2 60 4248-4 81
42 54 4254-2 65 4254-4 86
42 60 4260-2 76 4260-4 94
48 48 4848-2 65 4848-4 92
48 54 4854-2 70 4854-4 97
48 60 4860-2 82 4860-4 102
60 60 6060-2 98 6060-4 138

Corner Posts: Set of Four

Height Above Deck 2000 lb. Capacity 4000 lb. Capacity
Model # WT/lbs. Model # WT/lbs.
20" 20-2 20 20-4 31
24" 24-2 22 24-4 35
28" 28-2 24 28-4 39
30" 30-2 26 30-4 41
34" 34-2 29 34-4 44
36" 36-2 30 36-4 47
40" 40-2 32 40-4 50
44-2 35 44-4 55
48" 48-2 37 48-4 59

Stack Racks 5 High

Custom Stackable Racks
Custom Steel Stack Rack Stack Rack Load Capacity

Base Frames & Styles

Stack Rack Deck Configuration

Deck Styles

Rack Deck Styles

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The NSMC Advantage

NSMC offers several unique value-added benefits to all our customers. We combine state of the art metal fabrication equipment, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, years of experience and quality certification to deliver world class shipping racks, wire baskets and carts. This also allows us to provide contract metal fabrication service to many manufacturers, and are able to meet customer needs in a variety of ways and eliminate the need for multiple metal fabrication companies.

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How may we help you?

NSMC specializes in contract metal fabrication and manufacturing material handling racks and containers. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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